What if it is true after all...

What if God does really love you? What if this guy Jesus is for real? What if he could change your life if you let him? What if you're missing out on the best thing ever? 

What you need to know

I don't know anything about you, but there is one thing I know you and I have in common: we mess up. We might have all sorts of good intentions, we might make new year resolutions, we might really want to do better, but the truth is we fail. We want to do good and end up giving in to our bad temper, our selfish attitudes, our urges... We might manage to be nice to someone for a bit, but it doesn't last too long... It's a struggle.

The world around us may tell us it's ok, it's normal and we mustn't feel bad about it. But what does God say? Is it ok with him?

What does your conscience tell you, deep down, when you dare to listen to it?

The Bible says we will all stand before God one day to be judged. How do you think you'll feel? What will you say? And what will he say?

When you stand before a judge you have to plead guilty or not guilty. The truth is we are all guilty. That's the bad news.

The good news is this: God loves us and out of this love he decided to do something that sounds unbelievably crazy. He decided to take our punishment, so we won't have to. He sent his only son, Jesus, to go through what you and I deserve, to go on trial and be given the death penalty even though he wasn't guilty of anything. He was punished with an excruciating, humiliating, painful death, so that we, who really are guilty, won't have to be punished for all the bad stuff we have thought and said and done.

So now, thanks to his sacrifice, we - you and me and each and every person on this earth who chooses to believe in what Jesus has done - can receive God's forgiveness for everything, a clean slate, a chance to start all over again! And this time you won't have to try and do it yourself, you will have God himself helping you. Jesus talked about having to be born of the Spirit - that's what happens when you choose to turn away from the way you have lived up to now and put your trust in the sacrifice of Jesus on your behalf, determined with his help to live your life God's way from now on. He has done the really difficult bit - it's up to you to accept it!


So, now you know...

What you need to do

Yes, it is true. God does love you - so much that he sent his only son to die in your place, to take on the punishment that you (and I) deserve.

All you need to do is unwrap God's gift to you. The Bible describes the unwrapping process like this: repent, believe and be baptised.

  • repent: decide that you want to stop living your way and start living God's way from now on; tell God you're sorry for all the bad stuff you've thought and said and done and that you want to stop that and start a new and better life, living the right way.
  • believe: trust God that the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross really is all that you need so that you can have your sins forgiven.
  • get baptised: as you go under the water, your old self will be buried, and as you come out of the water you'll come out to a new life with Jesus, clean not physically but spiritually, purified from all the muck that has stuck to you throughout the years. A completely new start!
God's amazing offer is free and is available for anyone. No sin too big, no life too messed up. Jesus can deal with anything. Trust him. He's been doing it for over 2000 years - changing lives!

P.S. But what if I'm Jewish?

You may be reading this and thinking, "That's all fine but it's not for me, I'm Jewish."

Well, so am I.

And, more importantly, so is he.

Find out more at the Jews for Jesus website.

What happens next

If you have chosen to repent and trust in Jesus for your salvation, then you need to find a Bible-believing church near you (or a Messianic fellowship if you're Jewish and live where there is one), so that you can be baptised and start this new life, meeting regularly with others who can help you on the journey. And get hold of a Bible and start reading it. (The Gospels are a pretty good place to start if you're totally new to all this.) Oh, and of course carry on talking to God - he loves you, and he's been waiting all these years for you to come and have a chat. He's always ready to listen, and to help and guide you.

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." (John 3:16)


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